Obstacle Course
Group photo
Group photo

Obstacle Course

A great activity to promote teamwork amongst the students: The Mungalli Falls Obstacle Course



Landslide activity

An activity that is loved by all students: THE LANDSLIDE at MUNGALLI FALLS.

Have a look at the below video to see what it is all about:




Tubing & Gold panning activity at Mungalli Falls

Ever wondered what the Tubing and Gold panning activity involves? Have a look at the below video:





Bushwalk to Nandroya Falls

This beautiful waterfall (Nandroya falls) can be seen when booked in for our Bushwalk activity. This week’s student group enjoyed their bushwalk and swim at the falls.


Mungalli Falls accommodation

Have a look at this bird’s eye view of our beautiful Mungalli landscape with its 6 lodges nestled in between.

Mungalli Falls can accommodate up to 240 students in its lodges.


Japanese students braving the wet weather

Our lovely students and teachers are braving the wet weather at Mungalli Falls. Everyone is having a great time despite the rain.

Have a look at a video of the group in front of our waterfall below:


Waterfall after the rain

Have a look at our beautiful waterfall after last night’s rain.

Mungalli Falls waterfall


Back to school

We would like to wish all students and teachers a good start back at school.

Mungalli Falls currently still has available camp dates for 2018. Please contact us via E-Mail: office@mungallifalls.com to place a booking.



Thank you for an incredible year

To all the teachers and students who visited Mungalli Falls this year: Thank you!

We loved having you on camp with us learning important life skills like teamwork, leadership and independence.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


Wedding venue

Did you know that here at Mungalli Falls we can cater for weddings?

Our beautiful surroundings and large restaurant make for a perfect wedding location. In addition it is great to have accommodation available on site so that your guests won’t have to travel home after the wedding.

Contact us via E-Mail for further information: office@mungallifalls.com