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Obstacle Course

Corporate Retreat

Recently, Mungalli Falls has attracted various local and interstate corporate groups, for the most part, intentionally choosing Mungalli Falls for the following reasons:

Serenity, seclusion and privacy, creating an atmosphere conducive to general productivity for brainstorming, team bonding & building & wilderness challenges.

Our accommodation manages to meet most budgets, even for smaller companies that wouldn’t ordinarily consider allocating funds for such an investment.

Our menu can be completely tailored to incorporate local exotic produce, or be as basic as Spaghetti or Hotdogs!

Our Activities Officers have a wealth of talent in tailoring a specific activity to the needs of what your group may want to achieve during their time at Mungalli. For example, it may be that you want to do the Raft-Building activity, but with a twist that ensures efficiency is the theme, to tie in with the overall goal of your visit.

We are only a 1.5 hours drive from Cairns and the Domestic + International airport. This is close enough to be perfect for an overnight visit from Cairns, but yet far enough away in the Cairns Highlands, to make you feel like you have escaped!