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Obstacle Course
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Waterfall after the rain

Have a look at our beautiful waterfall after last night’s rain.

Mungalli Falls waterfall


Back to school

We would like to wish all students and teachers a good start back at school.

Mungalli Falls currently still has available camp dates for 2018. Please contact us via E-Mail: to place a booking.



Thank you for an incredible year

To all the teachers and students who visited Mungalli Falls this year: Thank you!

We loved having you on camp with us learning important life skills like teamwork, leadership and independence.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


Wedding venue

Did you know that here at Mungalli Falls we can cater for weddings?

Our beautiful surroundings and large restaurant make for a perfect wedding location. In addition it is great to have accommodation available on site so that your guests won’t have to travel home after the wedding.

Contact us via E-Mail for further information:


Bird’s-eye view

Our Operations Manager was able to capture this great shot of Mungalli Falls from a birds-eye view. You can see our 6 lodges which can accommodate up to 240 people in the top right hand corner. We then have our activities hall and archery shed below that and on the other side of the waterfall is our fully licensed restaurant situated. We also have a total of 9 cabins which are hidden amongst the trees just below the first couple of lodges.

photo bird's eye view


2018 school camp

October is a popular time for schools to book their 2018 school camps. To ensure your preferred dates will still be available we recommend placing a booking as early as possible.

Our qualified instructors look forward to working with your students to achieve those leadership and team building goals.



Everyone had a great time during the international exchange Bushdance.

Watch the video here:







Mungalli Falls waterfall

A beautiful photo of our spectacular waterfall here at Mungalli Falls taken by Alexis Rose Photography .


Bookings for 2017

If you haven’t booked this year’s school camp yet we are happy to assist with all planning aspects from booking transportation to setting up an itinerary. For more information call us on 4097 2358.

We hope to see you soon.



Learning important life skills

What better way to learn important life skills such as working in a team, leadership and communication than through a fun filled camp at Mungalli Falls Outdoor Education Centre.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a price list or quote. We look forward to hearing from you!